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Shercom Industries is changing the way you think about old tires. In our newest initiative, we are encouraging Saskatchewan to be Tire Neutral!

Shercom receives 50,000 passenger tire equivalents per week. These are tires that you and I generated. For the last 27 years Shercom Industries has been working hard to develop technology, products and markets to recycle these tires removing them from the waste stream.  Amazing recycled rubber products like rubber paving, landscape mulch and a variety of molded products are being used all over Canada and USA.  We have received many awards and accolades for our environmental efforts. In truth, all we do is change the shape of the tire.  The true recyclers are the customers who purchase these products.

When you purchase Shercom products, you are recycling old tires and doing your part helping all of us to be Tire Neutral.  A typical home or business using recycled rubber products uses 25 to 250 tires.  That is recycling more than the one tire per year we consume.  You may have never thought to yourself - “This yard sure could use a bunch of used tires.” However, Shercom’s recycled rubber products are the perfect compliment to any home and garden display, walkways, pool decks, patio blocks, edging, and mulch to name a few.


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