Using one Shercom product makes you tire neutral.


Our TIRE NEUTRAL program is designed to lead everyone to use more tires than they consume, and it’s so easy with Shercom recycled rubber products. Each one of us uses 1 tire each year – Shercom turns that into 14 pounds of recycled reusable rubber per person! If you purchase one recycled rubber product you are TIRE NEUTRAL. Your home or business using mulch or other products typically recycles 20 to 125 tires making you tire neutral for decades to come! We offer over 40 amazing products available through dealers across Canada. Thank you for doing your part.


Join Shercom in making Saskatchewan TIRE NEUTRAL and see why ‘BLACK is the new GREEN'.

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Get Your Tire Levy Back With Shercom! 

Shercom has launched its newest initiative. 

The EnviroBuck Program is open to everyone who buys new tires at participating tire dealers.  For every new tire you buy, we will give you the equivalent of the Saskatchewan tire levy in the form of EnviroBucks.  These can be redeemed for Shercom products at any of our participating retailers.


Shercom Rubber Paving can quickly transform the old and cracked concrete surfaces around your home into a beautiful, comfortable and safety enhancing surface. 



All of Shercom's manufactured products utilize recycled rubber. By transforming tires from an environmental hazard into a useable product, we allow all of our customers to participate in the environmental sustainability of our planet.


Shercom's newest feature is its Stack Wall and Edging. It can make any project a masterpiece. Easy to transport, handle and install, it offers the look of stone with the weight and durability of rubber. 

Check out all our durable, sustainable and long lasting landscaping products. Call us today for more information.



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