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For a fun, safe, accessible, and durable surface, SHERPLAY® stands out in both looks, feel and longevity. SHERPLAY® surfaces are the best in Canada because of the superior science and testing behind the product.

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Rubber Surfaces

Poured-in-place does not have migration or thinning issues like loose-fill surfaces. Our long-lasting surfaces ensure year-round coverage without regular maintenance and the cost for replacement fill. They are accessible and truly barrier-free for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. This surfacing technique also provides a clean playground surface. In the winter, our surfaces are not prone to freezing solid like pea gravel and water saturated wood fibre.

  • ASTM F1292-01 For Fall Attenuation

  • ASTM D1148-13 for UV stability

  • Fungal and Bacterial resistance

  • Anti-slip properties for safer play



SHERPLAY® with SHERFLEK®, is a 100% recycled tire option for any play area, without the limitation of a traditional all-black surface.  With Shercom’s signature product SHERFLEK® you can have a fun and colorful play area that is made of 100% recycled product!


SHERPLAY® with Playtop®

SHERPLAY® with PLAYTOP® is a simple mixture of both SBR and EPDM. SBR is used as the base layer as per the ASTM impact rating.  The top layer can either be blended with EPDM and SHERFLEK®, or it can be used on its own to maximize the colour options. Playtop® is globally renowned and a recognized safer surfacing supplier and Shercom is the proud exclusive partner for their entire line of offerings for all of Canada.


SHERPLAY® Playtop with Nike Grind

The next generation granule for indoor and outdoor bonded sports and play areas is here! Now you can use recycled shoes along with recycled tires. Available in a range of color blends, it offers both architects and installers endless possibilities for creative solutions when planning rubber surfaces. Its not just sustainable, its UNSTOPPABLE.

Customer Reviews

Rubber Paving is excellent. I had my driveway done – 1,200 sq. ft. So glad I went this route. Easy to keep clean, Show and ice melt so fast. Neighbors can’t believe it. The only way to go.

Milton V.


My Shercom driveway is 12 years old. It is great and I am still getting compliments on it. I have had total strangers come to my door and ask me where I got my driveway! So many positive compliments!!

Arlene L.


Had my driveway done by them. They did an awesome job. It’s been over 5 years and it still looks great.

Kelly S.



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