parking curbs

Parking Curbs

Our maintenance-free parking curbs are made of flexible rubber, which makes them resistant to cracks, chips, road salt corrosion and expansion.

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Product Details

Parking curbs prevent vehicles from damage, while also protecting buildings, sidewalks, and delicate landscape. An effective, durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional concrete curbs. Not affected by cold, salt, chemicals or heat.

  • Parking Curb - Yellow
    72” x 6” x 4”  30 lbs
    Part # 4212808

  • Parking Curb - Blue Reflector /
    72” x 6” x 4”  / 30 lbs /
    Part # 4212608

  • Mounting Pin / Bolt
    10" x 1/2"  
    Part # 4215118

  • Mounting Pin / Rebar  
    14" x .6"   
    Part # 4215128

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Customer Reviews

Rubber Paving is excellent. I had my driveway done – 1,200 sq. ft. So glad I went this route. Easy to keep clean, Show and ice melt so fast. Neighbors can’t believe it. The only way to go.

Milton V.


My Shercom driveway is 12 years old. It is great and I am still getting compliments on it. I have had total strangers come to my door and ask me where I got my driveway! So many positive compliments!!

Arlene L.


Had my driveway done by them. They did an awesome job. It’s been over 5 years and it still looks great.

Kelly S.



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