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Parking Curbs

Engineered to withstand impact without causing damage. Highly visible, durable and corrosion-resistant. Easily installed by one person.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps slow vehicles down in areas where pedestrian traffic is present. This improves the safety for vehicles and people alike.

Delineator Bases

100% recycled rubber delineator bases designed to function as a flexible foundation to help keep posts upright and in place.

Multi-Purpose Mats

Multi-purpose mats are individually molded making them a durable and rugged solution for any commercial or residential application.

FitPro Rubber Surfacing

Perfect for ice rinks, weight rooms, gymnasiums, courts, fitness facilities, yoga studios and much more.

Interlocking Mats

Shercom's interlocking mats are designed to withstand abuse. Rigorously tested to tolerate roughness of agricultural livestock use.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are an economical way to provide safe passage through doorways, sliding glass doors, and over raised landings.

Rooftop Walkway Pads

Walkway Blocks provide for a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone walking on the roof.

Rubber Turf Infill

Used to provide an in-fill cushion material in synthetic turf to provide additional safety against injuries from falls from athletes & children.

Arena Crumb

Relieve stress on joints and bones from trotting. Hard surfaces can cause injuries, especially with prolonged exposure.

Wheel Chocks

All trucks and heavy vehicles must carry ergonomic wheel chocks.

EZ Riser

EZ Riser Auto Ramps are designed with safety and performance in mind.


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