TDA creates significant cost savings environmental benefits compared to alternative rock/stone aggregates.

  • 1 Cubic meter of TDA is equal to approximately 50 recycled passenger tires (1000 lbs).

  • While being environmentally conscious, TDA is also often the most cost effective solution.

  • Cold regions are uniquely suited for the use of TDA.

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TDA suits a variety of different civil engineering uses

  • Frost boil repair

  • Excellent in septic mounds in cold climates (as an insulator)

  • Landfill leachate collection systems

  • Sub-grade insulation for roadways

  • Lightweight insulating back-fill for wall and bridge abutments Lightweight fill for roadways over peat bogs or weak clay

  • Bank stabilization

Key benefits of the TDA product


  • Good thermal insulator & reduces frost penetration (8x better than crushed rock/gravel)

  • Drainage capacity 10 to 100 times higher than gravel

  • Lightweight (1/3 the weight of crushed rock)

  • Low earth pressure (1/2 the pressure of soil)

  • Compressible

  • Cost effective (TDA is often the cheapest alternative if you need it’s unique properties) Inert (no harmful leachate)

  • Using tire shred for these projects removes millions of pounds from the waste stream

  • 1/3 the weight of crushed rock = 1/3 the transportation cost



For the use of TDA products in construction activities

  • Geotextile material should be used to minimize infiltration of soil particles into TDA voids.

  • Basic construction safety precautions should be used, including protective shoes/gloves, and removal of excess material from the site.

  • The final height of the TDA should be limited to 1 meter.
    Or, 3 meters (width of 1m) in applications where TDA is placed in a trench enveloped by soil and/or structural materials.