What this yard needs is a bunch of used tires!

All right, that may not be exactly what you said as you surveyed your yard, thinking about what’s left on your summer to-do list, but it may be exactly the touch you are looking for. You would not be alone – you would be part of a growing trend involving products that are made of rubber derived from recycled tires, used for making versatile and beautiful patio tiles, lawn edging, landscaping mulch and many other products for your home and garden.

Recycled rubber products naturally resist weather and temperature damage, as well as providing excellent durability, traction, and comfort.

The molded products, such as Patio Tiles or Splash Pads for rain gutters, are lighter and more flexible than concrete but heavier and more durable than plastic. The mulch resists weeds and insects, does not float or blow away and is colour-fast for years – saving home owners significant time and money. It is also a great option for under back-yard play structures.

Shercom Industries, based in Saskatoon, has played a large role in developing the current trend by creating unique, high-quality products that are attracting a growing number of supporters and are now carried by national chains as well as by many premium retailers of home and garden products here in Saskatoon.

The business community and industry leaders have taken notice as well, honouring Shercom Industries with the 2013 Environment ABEX and SABEX Awards, and garnering praise from the Ministry of Environment, who described Shercom as a world class business and expressed gratitude, “for the work they do transforming tires from an environmental hazard into a usable product, allowing their customers to participate in the environmental sustainability of our planet.”

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