Shercom continues to innovate and lead the parking and safety industry with our new Reflector Parking Curbs.  "We are the first manufacturer in North America to incorporate a built in high visibility reflector into our parking curbs", says Landon Olson, VP of Production. "We are quite excited with this product as visibility has significantly improved, maintenance is minimized and the parking curbs simple look so great!"

Better than concrete

A fraction of the weight of concrete parking curbs, one person can move or install these curbs without the cost of heavy equipment.  The great thing about our parking curbs is that they are flexible rubber, unlike concrete that cracks and corrodes with moisture expansion during the winter and salt from the road.  Rubber parking curbs often cost less than concrete, but when you factor in the cost of maintenance or replacement, rubber is far more economical.


  • Lightweight Parking Solution

  • Best visibility with new reflector

  • Impact absorbing and won't damage your undercarriage of your car

  • Economical and long lasting

  • Less expensive than concrete to install as no heavy equipment is needed

  • Easily installed by 1 person

  • Flexibility allows curb to contour to uneven surfaces

  • Low profile to prevent damage to vehicles

  • Durable and Flexible

  • Functional in all seasons


  • 70’’L x 6’’W x 4’’ H

  • Weight: 39 lbs


We have minimized or almost eliminated maintenance of rubber parking curbs using high-vis reflector that is recessed.  If this reflector is damaged it can easily be replaced with two screws, thus keeping the rubber parking curbs forever-new. 

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