A cracked, broken or uneven concrete pool deck is one the most challenging problems for pool owners. Replacing the concrete is expensive and may not be an option. Covering the existing pool deck offers a very attractive solution and function for years.  Rubber paving expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations but does not crack creating a more durable and attractive surface.


Shercom Surfacing is comprised of recycled tire rubber. We reuse this material to create resilient surfacing for many different applications, benefiting from all the engineering focused on creating durable and long-lasting tires. Our surfaces are created by combining recycled rubber crumb with our proprietary binding agent according to a strict formula developed by Shercom.


Our surfaces are becoming popular because they are safe, accessible, easy to clean, offer a wide range of color options and design possibilities!

  • Rubber surface absorbs sound making it very attractive for indoor pools at hotels

  • Non-slip surface greatly reduces risk of injury

  • Attractive and durable

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