• Reduces operation cost by minimizing excavation

  • Saves on maintenance expenses by decreasing repair times and preventing the aggregate loss

  • Efficient in all types of terrain and climate conditions

  • Installation doesn’t require any specialized equipment or training

  • Increased productivity and site safety

  • Storm water runoff control

  • Environmentally neutral

  • Provides tree root protection

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • Cost effective paving solution compared to asphalt, concrete, brick and stone

The New Block Paver for fast installation of permeable ground reinforcement with concrete pave design.

Ecoraster is the original ground stabilization grid system to reduce mud and erosion in high-traffic areas.

Common Uses:

  • Hot Tub Bases

  • Decks and Patios

  • Walkways, Pathways, Bike paths

  • Storm Water Mitigation

  • Road Meridians and Boulevard Grassed Reinforcement

  • Embankment and Slope Protection and Erosion Control

  • Helipads

  • Hard-scaping Base Stabilization

  • Parking Areas

  • Driveways

  • Road Access

  • Pump Jack Bases

  • Storage Tank Containment Support

  • Loading Facilities

  • Drilling Sites

  • Pipeline Riser and Crossing Support

  • 13" x 13" x 2" units

  • 8 lbs/unit

  • Dimensional stability between -50 and 90 degrees Celsius

  • Available in red, black, grey, brown


  • Site Preparation: Excavate for your sub base. Your depth will be determined by the load requirements of your project.

  • Install Drainage Layer: Place and compact clear or washed gravel of varying size. Your depth will be determined by the load requirements of your project.

  • Lay the Grid: Sheets come in 3x4 sections. It doesn't matter which way the are started, so calculate which way requires less cutting.

  • Fill the Area: For sod, hydroseed or lay sod according to manufacturer specification. For gravel or sand, start at one end of area and rake or sweep in fill material.