Shercom’s TIRE NEUTRAL program is designed to encourage all individuals, companies and municipalities to use more tires than they consume!  Each one of us use (wear out) 1 tire per year. Shercom turns that into 14 pounds of recycled reusable rubber.  When consumers purchase one recycled rubber product they are Tire Neutral for that year.  However, urban municipalities and companies have the opportunity to make a larger impact in a Tire Neutral Saskatchewan.  By using TDA or rubber parking curbs your municipality has the potential of using thousands of pounds or recycled rubber and ensuring their community is tire neutral for years and decades to come.


Shercom is promoting Saskatchewan municipalities who are committed to becoming tire neutral. Whether they install a new playground, use TDA for road improvements, build a community garden with our exclusive line of recycled rubber landscape products, Shercom is supporting the efforts every step of the way! We have listed our tire neutral communities below.

RM Community of Willow Bunch

TDA recycled rubber used to repair and build roads.

November 2019

1,000 cu meters TDA which recycled over 50,000 used tires.

RM residents are tire neutral for 163 years

Town of Hanley

Rubber mats used in community rink

July 2019

7,200 pounds of recycled rubber used in general area and team rooms which recycled over 510 used tires.

Entire town of Hanley is Tire Neutral for 13 months

Town of Shellbrook Saskatchewan

Rubber mats used in community rink

October 2019

7,800 pounds of rubber used in general area and team rooms which recycled over 560 used tires.

Entire town of Shellbrook is Tire Neutral for 4 months

Elmwood Residences in Saskatoon


Rubber paving over 5,000 square feet entrance and driveway for added safety for residences.  

October 2019

32,000 pounds of recycled rubber used in entrance and driveway which recycled more than 2,290 tires.

Entire staff and residences at Elmwood are Tire Neutral for 11 years.

Home Owner in Saskatoon

StackWall and Edge used in front yard.

April 2019

720 pounds of recycled rubber used for accent flower beds which recycled over 51 used tires.

This family of 5 is Tire Neutral for 10 years.

Home Owner in Greenbryre Estates


Nugget Landscape Mulch used in zero maintenance yard.

May 2018

18,000 pounds of recycled rubber mulch used in beautiful front yard design which recycled over 1,285 used tires.

This home owner and spouse are Tire Neutral for more than 600 years.



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