Shercom Collection Services

As Canada’s only fully integrated Tire Collector/Processor/Manufacturer we offer our partners in the Tire Retailing Industry a unique opportunity for efficient service - supported by our significant infrastructure – that is a direct line from their shops to our recycling facilities.

We work with our team of Tire Collectors and our collecting partners to service the entire Province of Saskatchewan and reduce the need for any tires to be stockpiled.

Our continually growing fleet of trucks and dedicated drivers employ small rigs of one-ton trucks with trailers to access compact urban locations as well as semi-trailers equipped with Bobcats for fully mechanized loading to reach all of Saskatchewan’s communities from Estevan to Meadow Lake!

Request a Tire pickup

Applies to tire retailers with current SSTC accounts.

For more information on how to get your tires picked up by Shercom or how to become included in the SSTC program for Tire Retailers please contact us.

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As an award winning environmental company, we continually take measures to reduce our fleet’s carbon footprint by:

  • Moving from small, gas powered trucks to efficient diesel powered semi-truck units pulling trailers modified by Shercom to maximize collection capability and reduce trip frequency and fuel usage.
  • Utilizing fuel efficient diesel powered loading equipment to reduce loading times and maximize load capacity.
  • Updating the fleet to take advantage of the latest technology to reduce emissions and gain fuel efficiency.
  • Proactively planning scheduled collection activities to reduce the number of trips and thus our carbon footprint.
  • Regular fleet maintenance to eliminate fuel wastage and reduce consumption.