Shercom Rubber Recycling


With the introduction of The Scrap Tire Management Regulations in 1998, it became mandatory for all tire retailers to collect a tire recycling fee from the consumer on each tire sold to fund the collection and processing of scrap tires. The program currently includes over 1200 retailers, including those who sell or supply new tires either individually or on vehicles such as cars, light trucks, semi’s, farm equipment, recreation vehicles and Off The Road tires.

Over one million scrap tires are generated or disposed of in Saskatchewan every year. In the past, most of the tires ended up in Municipal landfills where they were eventually buried and, in some cases, burned.

Shercom Industries Inc is a licensed tire collector and processor approved by the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC). The SSTC is a non-profit, non-governmental agency established by Provincial Regulations to manage the recycling of Saskatchewan tires. The SSTC supports projects and companies, like Shercom Industries in the recycling of scrap tires.

Shercom's Role

As a fully integrated tire recycler, Shercom collects, processes and manufactures quality rubber products from recycled rubber. Here is how that process works.

Our fleet of trucks and dedicated drivers service tire dealers across the Province. Tires are collected and brought to our plant in Saskatoon where we sort and shred the tires to comply with processing requirements. However, the job does not stop at that point.

After the tires are shredded, the useable shred is passed through our ambient processing technology where the rubber is broken down into rubber crumb of various sizes and bagged. It is this crumb that we use as a feedstock for our manufacturing process to yield our quality Shercom products. As well, some of our crumb is used in other applications like rubber paving, moulding proprietary products for our customers and sold in raw form to other clients for use in their operations.

The tire shred that is not useable for manufacturing feedstock can be used for various civil engineering projects such as road construction, leachate layer in landfills, lightweight fill around bridge abutments and steep side slopes as well as bedding material in septic system applications.

Even the extracted tire steel and tire tubes are recycled. Thus the loop is closed and the environment, our tire dealers and our customers are the beneficiaries of Shercom’s integrated process.